Exception Texts


Exception Definition
FaultAccountAlreadyExists The account already exists.
FaultApiKeyIsEmpty ApiKey is empty.
FaultCouldNotSaveScan Could not save Scan.
FaultEmailIsEmpty Email field is empty.
FaultEmailIsInvalid The provided email was in an invalid format.
FaultException Application Error.
FaultFileTooLarge The included file was too large to scan.
FaultInvalidApiKey The ApiKey supplied was invalid.
FaultInvalidConfirmCode Invalid confirmation code.
FaultNotAvailableForUse This function is not available for use.
FaultOnDemandScanCouldNotRun OnDemandScan could not run.
FaultPageCountLimitReached Page limit reached.
FaultRunIDNullOrEmpty Run ID is null or empty.
FaultRunLimitReached Run limit reached.
FaultScanAlreadyRunning Scan is already running.
FaultScanDidNotComplete Scan did not complete.
FaultScanGroupAlreadyRunning ScanGroup is already running.
FaultScanGroupDidNotComplete Scan Group did not complete.
FaultScanGroupDisplayNameEmpty ScanGroup DisplayName cannot be empty.
FaultScanGroupHasNeverBeenRun Scan Group has never been run.
FaultScanGroupScanOrSubgroupsEmpty ScanGroup Scans or Subgroups cannot be empty.
FaultScanHasNeverBeenRun Scan has never been run.
FaultScanLimitReached Scan limit reached.
FaultScanNotStart Scan wasn't able to start.
FaultScanTooBig Scan results are too big to be returned quickly.
FaultSuppliedRunIDNotLastRun The supplied Run ID was not the latest Run for the Scan.
FaultUnknownCheckpointGroupID Unknown Checkpoint Group ID.
FaultUnknownCheckpointID Unknown Checkpoint ID.
FaultUnknownRunIDException Unknown Run ID.
FaultUnknownScanGroupID Unknown Scan Group ID.
FaultUnknownScanID Unknown Scan ID.
FaultURLNullOrEmpty The URL was null or empty.