Description of Object

Required Input


Optional Input

String ID

String Title

int LastRunId

DateTime LastStarted

DateTime LastFinished

int Pages

long TotalPhysicalSize

int TotalCheckpointsTested

int TotalFailures

int TotalPasses

int TotalWarnings

int TotalVisuals

int TotalNAs

int TotalResults

int Health

CheckpointGroupResults[] CheckpointGroupResults

Results are categorized by:

ResultInformation -> CheckpointGroupResult -> CheckpointResult -> Result -> ResultInstance

Code Example


ReportingService service = new ReportingService();
string scanID = "2000";
ResultInformation resultInformation = service.GetResultsFull(scanID, IDType.Scan);  

List<CheckpointGroupResults> checkpointGroupResults = resultInformation.CheckpointGroupResults;
foreach (CheckpointGroupResults checkpointGroupResult in checkpointGroupResults)
     // Properties of the checkpoint group are available via Properties
     string checkpointGroupShortDescription = checkpointGroupResult.Properties.ShortDescription;

     foreach (CheckpointResults checkpointResults in checkpointGroupResult.Results)
          // Properties of the checkpoint are available via Properties
          string checkpointShortDescription = checkpointResults.Properties.ShortDescription;
          foreach (Result result in checkpointResults.Results)
          foreach (ResultInstance resultInstance in result.Instances)
                    string keyAttribute = resultInstance.KeyAttribute;